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IMI tax exemption for storerooms, pantries and garages

Storerooms, pantries and garages (even when separate) may be exempt from IMI when they are part of the same building or housing complex of urban properties built, expanded, improved or purchased for consideration, and intended to be the permanent primary residence of the taxpayer or his/her household, provided that they are used exclusively by these … Read More

IMI exemption for improved or expanded properties

Urban properties in Portugal with improvements or expansions are exempt from IMI, when they are used as the permanent primary residence of the taxpayer or his/her household, and are allocated to this purpose within 6 months of the completion of the improvements or expansions.   A duly documented request for exemption must be submitted within … Read More

IMI exemption for residential urban properties

Residential urban properties (or parts thereof), built or purchased for consideration, and intended to be the permanent primary residence of the taxpayer or household, whose taxable income does not exceed €153,300, are exempt from IMI, provided that they are actually allocated to this purpose within 6 months of their purchase or the completion of construction, … Read More

Consequences of failure to pay IMI within legal deadlines

Regardless of whether settlement occurred within the normal time period, or subsequent to additional settlement, default interest will be due.   Failure to pay will result in the remaining instalments becoming immediately due.   If you do not receive any collection document, check whether the tax address is up-to-date, whether you benefit from any exemption, … Read More

Payment of IMI

IMI is paid annually using a single collection document (DUC).   It must be paid in the month of April; for amounts exceeding €250, it is paid in two instalments in April and September.     Single collection documents issued outside of the normal settlement time are paid before the end of the month following … Read More

IMI rates

For 2012, the rates are as follows: — Rural properties: 0.8%; — Unassessed urban properties: 0.5% to 0.8%; — Urban properties assessed under the terms of the IMI Code: 0.3% to 0.5%; — Mixed properties: the taxable assessed value of each part will be subject to the respective rates.   IMI rates for urban properties … Read More

Start of taxation

Taxes are due beginning at the following times: — the year in which the section of the territory is classified as a property; — the year following that in which exemption expires, unless the taxpayer, while benefitting from exemption, purchases a new permanent primary residence and retains the right of ownership of the exempt property … Read More

Dispute of urban property assessment

After assessing and establishing the urban property’s taxable assessed value, the owner or seller may request a second assessment within 30 days of notification of the amount.   This request must be directed to the Head of the Tax Office of the property’s zone.   Within this same time period, the municipality and the Head … Read More

Modelo 1 IMI form

Along with supplementary documents and information provided by the taxpayer in Portugal, the “Modelo 1” IMI form allows the following: — assessment and recording in the urban land registry of new, omitted, improved, modified and reconstructed urban properties; — adjustment of taxable assessed value; — assessment of urban properties transmitted for the first time, subject … Read More

Assessment of an urban property

  The Head of the Tax Office is responsible for the first assessment, based on the following:   — the form submitted by taxpayers or any other available information; — the date of requesting the property’s recording or updating in the land registry.   The form to record or update an urban property is submitted … Read More