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For 2012, the rates are as follows:

— Rural properties: 0.8%;

— Unassessed urban properties: 0.5% to 0.8%;

— Urban properties assessed under the terms of the IMI Code: 0.3% to 0.5%;

— Mixed properties: the taxable assessed value of each part will be subject to the respective rates.


IMI rates for urban properties are defined each year by the properties’ local municipal assembly; municipalities may increase or reduce rates within these time periods.


The rate for real estate belonging to entities residing in “tax havens” is always 7.5%, regardless of whether it is a rural or urban property, or what municipality it is in.


For ruined properties and properties abandoned for more than 1 year, the rates are up to triple:

— Rural: 1.5% to 2.4%;

— Unassessed urban: 0.9% to 1.5%;

— Tax havens: 7.5% (same).


Abandoned properties are those which have no inhabitants, do not belong to emigrants, have no water or electricity contracts (among others) and/or show no consumption of this kind.


Even without the utility contracts and consumption described above, the following properties are not considered abandoned:

— those inhabited for short time periods (beach, country, spa and other vacation areas) for rental or for the owner’s use;

— undergoing rehabilitation work certified by municipalities;

— completed (or with issuance of user license) less than one year ago;

— for resale by owner entities or credit institutions, when the respective purchases meet all of the conditions to be exempt from municipal tax on the onerous transfer of property, up to 3 years after the purchase;

— tax residence in the national territory of a Portuguese emigrant;

— residence in the national territory of a Portuguese citizen performing the following duties:

— duties abroad for the Portuguese government or international  organizations;

— duties of a recognized public interest (together with his/her respective  authorized companions).


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