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Residential urban properties (or parts thereof), built or purchased for consideration, and intended to be the permanent primary residence of the taxpayer or household, whose taxable income does not exceed €153,300, are exempt from IMI, provided that they are actually allocated to this purpose within 6 months of their purchase or the completion of construction, except for reasons not attributable to the beneficiary.


Exemption is granted by the property’s local Tax Office Head for a period of 3 years, as long as the property’s taxable assessed value does not exceed €125,000.00.


Taxpayers must request exemption within 60 days of the 6-month period for allocating the property to permanent primary residential use (calculated from the date of the warranty deed for the purchase or completion of work).


If this allocation occurs after the 6 month period, or if the request is submitted after this 60-day period, the exemption will begin in the year following the allocation or the request, but ending in the same year (as if the deadline in question had been met).


The property’s allocation to permanent primary residential use is proven with the establishment of the respective tax address (for natural persons, this is their habitual residence, unless provided for otherwise) for the property in question.


The taxpayer’s tax address must be notified to the tax authority. Any change in tax address shall be ineffective without this notice. The tax authority may amend a taxpayer’s tax address.


Exemption for permanent primary residences may be granted twice, at different moments in time, to the same taxpayer or household.

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