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How to take action against invalid deliberations?

Whenever there are deliberations on an assembly´s meeting that go against the law or the previously approved regulamentations, any co-owner has the right to require their cancellation. A convening of an extraordinary assembly´s meeting can be required from the administrator within 10 days, counting from the date of the deliberation for the present co-owners, and … Read More

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What Defines a Condominium?

A building is considered to be in a horizontal property regime (regime de propriedade horizontal), when it is divided into independent and isolated units/fraction (apartments) and has an exit to a common part of the building or public street. If the fractions belong to different owners, we are facing a condominium. The co-owner is the … Read More

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Who Pays the Condominium Expenses?

The condominium fees are paid by the co-owners according to the proportion of the value of each fraction (percentage). Exceptions to this rule are: if the Constitutive Title specifies differently from above mentioned statement if the regulation forecasts different situations if there has been an approval from a majority of 2/3 for a change in … Read More

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What do I need to know about Condominium Insurance?

Here are some basics about the building insurance policy in Portugal. What are the co-owners insurance responsibilities? Insurance of the individual and common parts against fire is mandatory. How much does it cost? The price of the condo insurance should be agreed on an assembly´s meeting. In case the co-owners are not having any insurance, … Read More

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What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document presenting the energy efficiency of dwellings on a scale of A+ to G, whereas A+  corresponds to the most efficient performance and G to the worst. All homes bought, sold or rented in Portugal require an EPC. EPCs contain: a) information about the building; b) description of … Read More

What You Should Know Before Building a House in Portugal

Building a home in Portugal can be a very time-consuming procedure, because of the specific requirements of each local municipality. Here are some steps to keep in mind.   Choosing a Building Plot When choosing a plot to build your home on, you should apply for a previous information requirement (Pedido de Informação Prévia) from … Read More

IMI exemption for properties of minor taxable assessed value for low-income taxpayers

Portuguese properties of minor taxable assessed value belonging to low-income taxpayers are exempt, in the case of rural and urban properties of taxpayers whose total gross household income (for income tax purposes) does not exceed €13,300.00, and whose total taxable assessed value does not exceed €66,500.00.   Exemption is recognized by the property’s local Tax … Read More

Special cases of IMI exemption

In Portugal there are exemptions for properties classified as national monuments or of public interest, municipal value or cultural heritage. This exemption is automatic with notification of the classification as a national monument, or the individual classification as property of public or municipal interest, to be made by the Archaeological and Architectural Heritage Management Institute … Read More

IMI exemption in residential rental properties

Portuguese urban residential properties that are rented out are exempt for 3 years: properties (or portions thereof) that are rebuilt, expanded, improved or purchased for consideration, if it is the first transfer, for the portion intended for residential renting, if rented within 6 months of the purchase or completion of work. The exemption begins when … Read More