Buying and selling between private individuals. Defects known by the buyer. Right to demand compensation.

A buyer was represented in the purchase by a representative who, prior to the deed, visited the house and found that one of the rooms with a glazed marquee had dampness near the windows. The seller justified himself with works carried out by a neighbour that had caused damage to a window, through which water … Read More

Insurance in Portugal

Nowadays, insurance contracts, whether they are optional or required by law, are crucial to the balance of life in modern societies. Without insurance, many sectors of the national and world economy wouldn´t work. The insurance industry provides protection against various and numerous risks (climatic, technological, political, etc.) therefore, allowing developments, investments and innovations by companies … Read More

Tax benefits for investment in tourism – Touristic Utility Statute

Some types of investments in tourism, as the creation of new developments, or their remodelling, expansion and renovation, are eligible to apply for the Touristic Utility Statute that, once obtained, allows to profit from tax benefits over a period of up to 7 years. Designated as Tourist Utility (UT- Utilidade Turística), this statute is an … Read More

Financial incentives for construction & renovation of tourist enterprises

Currently, there are several incentives for construction and renovation of tourist enterprises available, such as: 1. QREN (Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional – National Strategic Reference Framework): This incentive is refundable without interest, with a maximum grant rate of 65% of the eligible investment. The repayment terms vary between 10 and 7 years, with a … Read More

Technical and Procedural Consultancy – Tourism Enterprises

The Investment in tourism enterprises requires at least one member of the working group, who takes on responsibility, right from the beginning, for coordinating different areas such as the interests of the investor, the architectural configuration defined by the technicians and the conception of the theme to implement. Therefore, it calls for specific solutions, that … Read More

Is my house in Portugal suitable for tourist accommodation?

Tourism in Portugal – particularly accommodation – has been and predictably will be one of the most important economic activities. Since 2008, Portugal has a legislation that allows a quick and efficient licensing of houses for tourism, which is a very practical solution for anyone looking to buy a house in Portugal. The decree-law n. … Read More

Which are the main warranty terms for a building in Portugal?

Isn´t the warranty term always the same in any case or situation? Discover the determining factors of the warranty term for a building. The warranty term for a building is a right given to the consumer/buyer of the good, holding the builder responsible for construction defects, built-in damage or  lack of conformity with the agreed … Read More

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document presenting the energy efficiency of dwellings on a scale of A+ to G, whereas A+  corresponds to the most efficient performance and G to the worst. All homes bought, sold or rented in Portugal require an EPC. EPCs contain: a) information about the building; b) description of … Read More

What You Should Know Before Building a House in Portugal

Building a home in Portugal can be a very time-consuming procedure, because of the specific requirements of each local municipality. Here are some steps to keep in mind.   Choosing a Building Plot When choosing a plot to build your home on, you should apply for a previous information requirement (Pedido de Informação Prévia) from … Read More

Capital gains

— Calculation of capital gains — Reinvestment   — Real estate sales may generate income subject to income tax (IRS) (with a capital gain resulting from the difference between the purchase and sale prices).   The following must be known to calculate the capital gain amount: — purchase price and year; — costs of property … Read More