Posted by: Carlos Tome & filed under IMI Municipal Property Tax.

Storerooms, pantries and garages (even when separate) may be exempt from IMI when they are part of the same building or housing complex of urban properties built, expanded, improved or purchased for consideration, and intended to be the permanent primary residence of the taxpayer or his/her household, provided that they are used exclusively by these as a supplement to the exempt residence or, in the case of rental properties, provided that they are used exclusively by the tenant or his/her household.


If the storerooms, pantries and garages have a separate urban land registry, the IMI exemption request must state the unit (or portion thereof) corresponding to these facilities, together with the urban land registry of the exempt residence.


These facilities shall have exemption for 3 years (taxable assessed value of facilities + taxable assessed value of exempt residence).


If the facilities are purchased after the exempt residence, exemption must be requested within 60 days of the warranty deed of purchase, and will end in the same year that the residence’s exemption expires.

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