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The right to use your house as local accommodation

The Portuguese Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) has ruled in a recent decision that homeowners of residential units may affect homes to “alojamento local”, even against the will of the condominium.   This is the first time that the Supreme Court of Justice has ruled on this matter.   After the Lisbon and Porto Courts … Read More

Local Accommodation – The new legal regime

Local accommodation has been taking on greater preponderance in the national tourist landscape, which is why it was necessary to regulate its operating activity in order for it to have personalised legal treatment with an autonomous diploma, even though it has been regulation in ordinance since 2008. Decree-Law 128/214 was drawn up precisely to close … Read More

How to get the “Golden Visa” in Portugal?

How to get the “Golden Visa” in Portugal? The application for the residence permit should be handed in within 90 days counting from the applicant´s first entry into the country, whilst the investment must have been made at the time the application is submitted and must be maintained for a minimum period of five years … Read More

Did you know about the Portuguese Golden Residence Permit Program?

Did you know about the Portuguese Golden Residence Permit Program? Now, non-EU citizens can look forward to fast-track immigration to Portugal, thanks to this new program. This special residence permit, also called Golden Visa, will be offered to investors, who fulfill certain conditions. In order to enter this program, the minimum quantitative requirements imply, at … Read More

Who can apply for the Non-Habitual Resident status?

  This new regime is aimed at non-resident taxpayers, wishing to establish permanent or temporary residence in Portugal. To acquire the non-habitual resident status, taxpayers must become resident for tax purposes in Portuguese territory and must provide evidence that they haven´t been taxed as residents during the five years prior to the application. Accordingly, taxpayers … Read More

What is the tax regime for non-habitual residents in Portugal?

The Portuguese government approved a new tax regime for non-habitual residents, as an incentive to attract foreign investors and highly skilled professionals as well as people having considerable net worth.   The income of non-habitual residents may thus not be subject to taxation, if applicable, or benefit from a flat tax rate of 20%, when … Read More

Taxation of non-residents in Portugal

  The income tax (Imposto sobre o Rendimento das Pessoas Singulares – IRS) falls upon the whole income of the resident taxpayer in Portugal. Earnings coming from abroad must be considered as well. According to the portuguese law, the taxation system relies on the universal principle. The earnings are grouped into categories, which are subject … Read More