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Here is the description of the coefficients to calculate the VPT in Portugal.

VPT = Vc x A x Ca x Ci x Cq x Cv


Base value of the buildings = average construction cost per m2 (currently set at € 482.40) + value of the land (25% of that cost). Currently, the Vc corresponds to 603 EUR.


Coefficient relative to the gross construcion area + the exceeding area to the implantation ground. Varies between 0.005 and 1 and corresponds to the values relative to the private gross area + dependent gross areas, corrected by the area adjustment coefficient + values relative to the free land, divided between the part that does not exceed twice the implantation ground area and remainig.

– Ca

Coefficient of affectation. Varies between 0.08 and 1.20, depending on the purpose of the property (parking, warehouses, industry, housing, trade and services).

– Ci

Location coefficient. Varies between 0.35 and 3, depending on the property being in an isolated rural area or in an area prized by the housing market.

– Cq

Quality and comfort coefficient. Between 0.5 and 1.7, depending on the property type and characteristics, being valued in housing, for example, floors and villas in a closed condominium, leisure equipment and, in commerce, industry and services, the location in a shopping center or office building, the air conditioning or the existence of elevator or escalator. Indicators of impairment are: lack of sanitary facilities (and kitchen in housing); absence of water system, electricity, gas or sewerage, no elevator in buildings with more than three floors.

– Cv

Antiquity coefficient. Between 0.40 and 1, relative to the elapsed time since the date of issue of the housing license or the completion of building works (on expanded buildings the respective coefficient is applied to each part, according to antiquity).

Please note that the result is always rounded up to the next higher dozen. If it is, € 195.327,65 for example, the VPT would be € 195.330,00.

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