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When it comes down to paying taxes, it is always good to know how certain values have been calculated. To know the tax assessment value (VPT) of your property in Portugal you will have to take into account the following elements:


– gross floor area

– the exceeding area to the implantation ground

– use of the building (housing, commerce, industry and services),

– location

– quality and comfort

– antiquity


You can calculate the taxable assessed value of your property with the simulator of the Tax Authority or with this formula:

VPT = Vc x A x Ca x Ci x Cq x Cv

However, the asset value of rural properties, intended only to agriculture, is 20 times your annual income without spendings on the activity. This includes revenues from parcels of land and trees with economic value.

The buildings and rural property directly affected by agriculture are not assessed and shall be recorded at the land register. Otherwise, they will be evaluated by the rules applicable to buildings.

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