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The Investment in tourism enterprises requires at least one member of the working group, who takes on responsibility, right from the beginning, for coordinating different areas such as the interests of the investor, the architectural configuration defined by the technicians and the conception of the theme to implement.

Therefore, it calls for specific solutions, that fit the functional optimization of the operational management of the future or current project and which are based on legal requirements, market studies and financial viability.


It is essential to determine the costs for constructions, equipment, research and projects, among other things, for a correct calculation of the general investment, together with a proper procurement of suppliers and proposal analysis.


Within the scope of procedural advice, the planning and coordination of projects between promoters, experts and official bodies should be established, always taking into account the requirements of each organization, thus maximizing the efficiency in developing a tourism project.


During the operational management of a tourist development, the administration of the unit, besides promoting internal evaluations to ensure the quality of provided services, should also hire an external accredited auditing service, in order to validate all set parameters and that are aimed at evaluation exemption, as well as ensuring the correct classification or reclassification of tourist developments.


From the conception of the idea until reaching the real activity, a tourism project entails several legal, technical and procedural necessities that require a management expert in all formalities of a business in this economic sector.


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