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The condominium fees are paid by the co-owners according to the proportion of the value of each fraction (percentage).

Exceptions to this rule are:

  • if the Constitutive Title specifies differently from above mentioned statement
  • if the regulation forecasts different situations
  • if there has been an approval from a majority of 2/3 for a change in the proportion of the contribution

As owner of a fraction, you are required to pay a monthly common expense fee.

The value of this fee, is based on the budget set out for the current year and must have been approved on the assembly´s meeting, which is generally hold in the first half of January.

The managent of the budget is the task of the condominium administrator, like paying the required maintenance services.

Improvement expenditures are divided by each owner, according to the proportion of the value of his fraction.

The co-owner, who doesn´t consent to improvement, still has to make his contribution unless refusal has been legally justified.

Urgent and essential expenses for the common parts of the building can be handled by any co-owner, in case the condominium administrator is absent or hindered.


Examples of situations for urgent repairs are:

– gas leaks inside the building;

– breakage of water pipes.


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