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Whenever there are deliberations on an assembly´s meeting that go against the law or the previously approved regulamentations, any co-owner has the right to require their cancellation.

A convening of an extraordinary assembly´s meeting can be required from the administrator within 10 days, counting from the date of the deliberation for the present co-owners, and for the ones that were absent, the term counts from the date of the received communication. The meeting for revocation of invalid and ineffective deliberations has to be held within 20 days.

Within 30 days as under the previous paragraph, any co-owner can submit the deliberation to an arbitration center.

The right of requiring an action of cancellation expires within 20 days, counting from the date of the deliberation of the extraordinary assembly´s meeting or, if it has not been requested, within 60 days from the date of the deliberation.

The suspension of the deliberations can also be requested from the court.

The legal representation of the co-owners, against whom action is to be taken, is of the administrator´s responsibility or of the person elected for this purpose.

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